Who Are We?

Our Aim


Aid Rescue was founded in 2012 with the aim to go above and beyond what a normal rescue group would do to help an animal, whether it be dog, cat or mouse. We will help in anyway we can from offering financial support, to just being an ear to listen to an owners story. We at Aid Rescue just want to help regardless of the owner, animal or their hardships.  

The Team


Aid Rescue have a team full of diversity. From a pound puller to a transporter, an accountant, administrator, nursing vet, animal psychologist and our newest team member,  an animal behaviourist. Our members are over 2342 strong and all passionate animal owners. Our main page on Facebook is set up to run our auctions and showcase dogs that are available for adoption



If you wish to donate to help us with any aspect of the process please do so via our Paypal address aidrescue@manx.net, or if you wish to bequeath any money in your Will, then please contact us and our lawyer will be happy to help you with this.

Charitable Status Granted!!


The AID Rescue Team have some amazing news to share with our supporters.

We have been working hard behind the scenes for months and today received the letter we have been waiting for.

We have been granted charitable status!!!

To say we are overjoyed is an understatement. This would not have been possible without our loyal supporters, so  thank you to each and every one of you, who believed in us over the few years we have been operating, and we hope will continue to do so, for a long and successful future of rescuing animals.

Anita, Fiona, Lynne and Warren (the newest member of our team) 

A Bit More About the Team



Fiona is our home maker. She has the ability and time to welcome all our rescue's into the sanctuary. She will assess their needs and care priorities.  All our furry friends have regular ear and eye checks, coat cleaning, tick and flea removal and will receive nursing care for anything more serious. Fiona can mostly however, be found cuddled up with many, if not all of our new family members.



Lynne is our accounts administrator, home checker and general go to person for all admin stuff. She spends many hours working behind the scenes to keep our fund raising pages going.

Lynsey, Lee, Cheri, Hayley and Pamela


Our support team who provide help in so many ways. From short term foster placements to nutritional advice. They all bring a wealth of experience we are glad to have onboard.



Anita has been rescuing dogs since she was 11 with her father. A family background in greyhounds and racehorses, their pets when younger ranged from mice to wallaby's. Small in stature, big in heart and passionate about all our animal friends, she continues to work tirelessly to help all in need. She is our repairer of dogs minds.