Rescue and Rehoming



We take animals from all backgrounds and specialise in behaviour problems. We assist with animals in need not only on the Isle of Man, but from farther afield too. Once an animal arrives at the sanctuary, they will be fully assessed and settled into their new surroundings. Following this, a care pathway will be established tailored to the individual needs.



Once we really get to know our new friend, we will put strategies in place to help correct any behavioural problems. Some need love, some structure, many just need both. We ensure all needs are met and are fortunate to have access to a wide range of training methods and opportunities.



The best and worst day is when we say goodbye. Best, because we thoroughly check any new owners so we know our friend is going to a great home to enjoy the rest of their life. Worst, as we will miss them terribly! That is why we will routinely get in touch to see how things are going and offer support whenever needed.