Boot Camp

Problem Pooch


So you have a pooch who is just getting too much. Chewing this, barking at that, peeing on the other! We can help. The first step is to visit you to get a full picture of what is going on and we will always try to correct things in your home first.

Too Much


You have tried everything you can think of and everything we have suggested but to no avail. It's Boot Camp time! We will have your special friend, (although you might think they are not quite so special at the moment) , to stay at the sanctuary with us for intensive training. Taking them out of the home environment can often be just the ticket for success. We will keep you updated throughout the "camp" and can hopefully jump start the journey to peace at home.

Recovery Road


There are no magic tricks to behaviour correction. It is time and consistency. Following boot camp, we will give you continued guidance and support to make good behaviours permanent. A happy animal  and happy owner makes for a happy home. That is the aim of boot camp.